Why Should you be the Digital Leader Right Now?

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How does digital marketing work?

In the modern era, digital marketing is a topic that is grabbing everyone's attention. The answer to the issue of how long this topic will be in existence is that it is always green and will serve as the foundation for future technologies like the Internet of Things.

Why learn digital marketing?

The internet is, in fact, what keeps today's world running. India, where we live, is the youngest nation, with 75% of the population under 35. The entire world is now connected to the internet; therefore, this is not limited to just our country. In addition, millions of startups, organizations, institutions, and MNCs are working hard to establish their online presence and need specialists in digital marketing.

What else can I accomplish through studying digital marketing?

Digital marketing is quite different from other subjects in that anyone learning it does not have to choose only a career path; they can also become independent contractors, set up their own business, or become an individual making money online (affiliate marketer). Just consider whether any other topic that is currently popular offers similar opportunities. without a doubt.

There is a saying that "You must gain control of your money, or the lack of it will forever control you." As a career opportunity, digital marketing paves a path to gradually increase your income and allows you to go beyond your limitations as a career opportunity.

Who are eligible for learning Digital Marketing?

Everyone qualifies. Anyone who wants to understand digital marketing does not necessarily need a specific degree or level of skill. Digital marketing doesn't have any specific requirements, but you do need to be able to change to understand the online market. In digital marketing, we look at many platforms to show off our brands and try to reach our target audience. The skill you need is to understand the platform, your brand, and your target audience well and learn how to communicate your product or idea effectively. Yes, learning digital marketing could be challenging for you if you haven't used the internet at all thus far.

Why DiginomaD?

Sravani Asuri, a youthful and energetic entrepreneur, launched Diginomad. She is an excellent digital marketer who is aware of the internet's pulse. In her early days on the internet, she earned INR 50,000, or $73,000 a year; later, the sums started to triple. She was employed as professor by a prestigious institute and served as a guest lecturer for numerous seminars. Learning digital marketing and being a digital nomad—a person who works without bother from any location in the world—are the main goals of DiginomaD.

Diginomad focuses on working professionals who want to improve their marketing skills or completely change their field, women who gave up their careers for their families and want to return to them, entrepreneurs, primarily startup businesses, who are willing to establish their brands in the market, students who are primarily looking forward to learning additional skills for an unstoppable career, streaming in BBA, MBA, BTech, etc.

Understand More About the Course and the Trainer...


Hi, I'm Sravani Asuri, the company's founder and chief trainer, and I've helped thousands of students learn, use, and pursue careers in digital marketing. I provide startup and corporate clients with advice and lead generation assistance. I've come up with a way to "earn while you study" and am making sales funnels for my clients and students right now. In 2019, I achieved my first 1-CR, and I'd like to spread those techniques to additional individuals.
There I was, a normal next door mom trying to make money online.  

I was there, a typical mom from down the street trying to make money online. The problem is that I taught myself at the time and didn't find a place to learn until afterward. The main problem was that I tried to understand the platforms I was working on and tell the difference between online marketing and sales, but sales requires more strategy. The only thing left with me to make a difference for my family is the internet, therefore, I gave it everything I had to succeed there. I believed that at any point, this would help me reach my goals. THEN, AS IF BY CHANCE, A STUNNING EVENT OCCURRED..,

I learned how important it is to market on social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the basics of digital marketing, which is also called Internet marketing.
 I immediately understood how to generate money online, not just through social media marketing, but also by learning about all the great opportunities available on the internet. At this point, I had also been appointed as a trainer in a prestigious institute in Asia as a result of how confidently I had taken over my father's firm and the miraculous achievements I had achieved. I also tried out different business strategies while working as a trainer for the businesses of my relatives.

My plan was to start making websites and sales funnels for certain niches, find out who their competitors were, and help them beat them. Additionally, I always taught the same techniques in my classes.

So, I began making films and developing strategies for video content for a few niches, worked on SEO for others, and planned to develop Google advertisements and event ideas for a few companies. Both as a trainer and a freelancer, I was earning a consistent living. However, I didn't end there.

We then understood that, be it any business, it has its own platforms to work on, but not all of them will work for every business on the internet..

Following that, we increased the budgets while generating profitable revenues for every client, and I was also imparting this knowledge to the class.

Conclusion: In the end, I was able to make INR 1 Crore in 11 months for one specific business as profit, and other retail businesses were successful in consistently  making INR 38 lacs annually for two years in a row. Additionally, a well-known insurance company was able to obtain high ticket leads that billed INR 500000 through my agency.

"Based on that achievement, I made the decision to develop a course on how I could accomplish all of this in the digital age and wanted many people to do the same while working from home, especially businesswomen and entrepreneurs. Afterward, I began teaching at home using my brand, DiginomaD. "DiginomaD for Digital earth, Digital waters, and Digital rocket" is how I refer to it.
And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!  

I can now teach all effective approaches in digital marketing and introduce online courses for the same thanks to DiginomaD for Digital Earth, Digital Waters, and Digital Rocket. In addition to sharing what I've gained and lost in the digital world, I can also share earn while you learn models for ideas like POD, Drop shipping, affiliate marketing, etc. Additionally, it will offer you the knowledge necessary to run your own businesses, work as a freelancer, or begin a career in digital marketing. My primary focus is on business owners, women, professionals in the workforce, and students.  In order for you to get similar outcomes,

I'm very thrilled to share this with you!  So, this is what I have for you to pick from. I want you to look at a few of my accomplishments before that.

DiginomaD Onborded Clients

Here are few bathes of students, completed their Training
contact: 9000818101

Media Coverage, Awards and Key Note Speaker

Session on Radio City about ORM

Sthri Shakthi Award

Sociawood Award

This is all because of one Skill Digital Marketing

Here is the World class Program designed for you with all my Experience

This Course is your solution to learn how to Select Niche, Website Planning Creation, Email Marketing, Lead generation,SEM, Google Analytics, SMM, SEO through DiginomaD's Digital Earth with 12 intensive modules So you're able to learn your basics strongly that is needed to start your digital marketing journey with DiginomaD's Digital Earth and achieve your career goals, improves your money making methods in near future.

  • Basics of internet and marketing are covered
  • 12 New Intense Modules
  • Can watch on YouTube for free
  • Provided in English and Telugu languages
  • Can be accessed on various channels and webinars
  • Upgrade your business with basics

Digital Waters which covers Funnel building, E-Commerce Website building, Drop shipping, POD, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, ORM,Media buying and planning, Blogging& Adsense, Mobile marketing, Re-marketing on FB & Google Ads. The bottom line is that I will coach you to get you do everything you will learn to get more knowledge on various platforms available on internet to find business opportunities.

  • Everything from Digital Earth 
  • 12 New Intense Modules
  • Certification after the program along with 
  • 6 months Watsapp support for clearing doubts
  • Tools and links that support your website
  • Webinar invitations

"Digital Rockets" -Secrets that experts do to get their traffic on website and funnels,Understand power of Webinars, Podcasts, Copywriting secrets, Youtube SEO, Fortune 100 concept, Power of Publishing, International targeting, FB ads new techniques , Google ads for targeting, Google shopping Ads, Marketing mistakes, Email marketing etc Tools to enhance your career opportunities and much more. 

  • Everything from Digital Earth and Digital Waters
  • 12 New Intense Modules
  • Support for Establishment of Digital Agency or Freelancing setup over chat or call
  • One year Watsapp support for clearing doubts
  • Tools and links that support your business

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