Why Should you be the Digital Leader Right Now?

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What's in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is now a hot subject attracting everyone’s attention in today’s era. How far this subject is going to be live is just a triggering question for many, the answer is it’s ever green and it is going to be the basic standard for tomorrow’s world technologies like IOT.

Why learn digital marketing?

The fact is that today’s world is driven by internet. Our own country India is the youngest holding 75% of the population who are below age of 35. This is not confined just to our nation but whole world is now connected on internet. Apart from that millions of startup’s, organisations, institutions and MNC’s are striving their best in making their presence on internet and they are in requirement of experts in digital marketing.

What else I can achieve learning Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is quite different from any other subject, reason being, anyone who is learning this subject need not opt only for job they can be freelancers or setup their own agency or be an individual entity making money online (affiliate marketer)Just think about any other subject which is trending today does give such opportunities? Absolutely not.

There is a saying that " You must gain control your money or lack of it will forever control you" Digital Marketing paves a path to gradually increase your income and allows you to go beyond your limitations as a career opportunity.

Who are eligible for learning Digital Marketing?

Everyone is eligible. Who ever is planning to learn digital marketing need not have specific degree or skill already imbibed in them. Digital marketing does not demand anything but asks you to be adaptable to understand market on internet. In digital marketing we learn different platforms to show our brand and try to reach our target audience for which the skill required is to understand the platform, brand and your target audience well and learn to communicate your product or idea in a right way. Yes, it could be difficult for you if you haven’t anytime used internet till date to learn digital marketing. But I am sure if you are reading this it means Internet is already your cup of tea. So you are Eligible.

Why DiginomaD?

Diginomad is an initiative from an young and enthusiastic entrepreneur Sravani Asuri. She is a wonderful digital marketer who understands the pulse of the internet. The initial days on internet she made INR 50,000,00 I.e. $73000 in an year, later the numbers began to triple. She was hired as a faculty by one of the premium institute as well was a guest lecturer for many seminars. DiginomaD is all about learn digital marketing and be a digital nomad I.e. be hassle free individual working from anywhere in the world.

    Diginomad focuses on working professional who want to upgrade their skills in marketing or change their domain completely, women who sacrificed their career for family and wanna get back to their career path, entrepreneurs mainly startup’s who are willing to make their brand big in the market, students who are mainly looking forward to learn extra skill for an unstoppable career, streaming in BBA, MBA, BTech etc. 

Understand More About the Course and the Trainer...


Hi, I’m Sravani Asuri - Founder & Head Trainer here, who has Helped more than thousand students learn, implement and make digital marketing as their career. I consult with startups and corporates, helping them in getting leads. Right now, I came up with an "earn while you learn" model and am building sales funnels for my students and clients. I made my first 1 CR this 2019 and would like to share those strategies with more people..  

There I was, a normal next door mom trying to make money online.  

The thing is, at the time I was learning my own way without trainer and found a training institute later.  

The big problem was that I tried to understand the platforms which I was working on and differentiated the major difference between sales and marketing online, but selling needs more focus on strategy. I am the only hope in my family to make difference and the thing which is left with me is internet and I tried all that I could to win on Internet. I felt this would work at any point to achieve my targets. THEN, AS IF BY CHANCE, SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED...,

I Realised and understood the value of social media marketing, especially Facebook and Insta and about core principles of Internet Marketing i.e. Digital marketing!

  Instantly it became crystal clear to me as to how to Make money online not only through Social media marketing, but also found out all good opportunities on Internet to make money. By this time i was also hired as a trainer in a premium institute in Asia, because they saw how confidently I picked up my dad's business and the results were like miracle. I also tried different strategies on my relative businesses while i was working as a Trainer the other end........  

My plan was to start creating websites and sales funnels to selected niches, understanding their competitors and helping them win. Also, I was teaching the same strategies in the classes .  

So I started creating videos and video content strategies for few niches, I did SEO for others and I planned to create google ads and event creations for few businesses. I was making constant income both as a trainer and freelancer. But I didn’t stop there.  

We then understood that be it any business, it has its own platforms to work on but not all of them will work for every business on internet..  

After that, we increased the budgets while creating profitable revenues for all the clients and I was as well teaching the same in the class. Bottom line: In the end I was able to achieve INR 1 Crore in 11 months for one particular business as profit and other retail business achieved making INR 38 lacs per annum consistently for 2 consecutive years and a prominent insurance company could get high ticket value leads who billed INR 500000 through my agency.

"Building on that success, I decided to create a course on how I could make all this in digital world and wanted many others to achieve the same like me sitting at home especially entrepreneurs and women. I then started classes at home on my brand DiginomaD.  I call it “DiginomaD for Digital earth, Digital Waters and Digital Rocket”. With DiginomaD for Digital earth, Digital Waters and Digital Rocket, I can now Teach all good methods in Digital Marketing as well as introduce online classes for the same. Teaching all that I lost and gained in the digital world, apart from this, I can also teach earn while you learn models on concepts like POD, Drop shipping, Affiliate marketing etc. Also give you the expertise to run your own agencies or become freelancers or start your career in digital marketing. Mainly my focus is on entrepreneurs, women, working professionals, students!  

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!  

So here's what I've got for you to choose.. Before that I want you to check few of my mile stones 

Here are few bathes of students, completed their Training
contact: 9000818101

Media Coverage, Awards and Key Note Speaker

Article in Premium Telugu Daily News Paper

This is all because of one Skill Digital Marketing

Here is the World class Program designed for you with all my Experience

This Course is your solution to learn how to Select Niche, Website Planning Creation, Email Marketing, Lead generation,SEM, Google Analytics, SMM, SEO through DiginomaD's Digital Earth with 12 intensive modules So you're able to learn your basics strongly that is needed to start your digital marketing journey with DiginomaD's Digital Earth and achieve your career goals, improves your money making methods in near future.

  • Basics of internet and marketing are covered
  • 12 New Intense Modules
  • Can watch on YouTube for free
  • Provided in English and Telugu languages
  • Can be accessed on various channels and webinars
  • Upgrade your business with basics

Digital Waters which covers Funnel building, E-Commerce Website building, Drop shipping, POD, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, ORM,Media buying and planning, Blogging& Adsense, Mobile marketing, Re-marketing on FB & Google Ads. The bottom line is that I will coach you to get you do everything you will learn to get more knowledge on various platforms available on internet to find business opportunities.

  • Everything from Digital Earth 
  • 12 New Intense Modules
  • Certification after the program along with 
  • 6 months Watsapp support for clearing doubts
  • Tools and links that support your website
  • Webinar invitations

"Digital Rockets" -Secrets that experts do to get their traffic on website and funnels,Understand power of Webinars, Podcasts, Copywriting secrets, Youtube SEO, Fortune 100 concept, Power of Publishing, International targeting, FB ads new techniques , Google ads for targeting, Google shopping Ads, Marketing mistakes, Email marketing etc Tools to enhance your career opportunities and much more. 

  • Everything from Digital Earth and Digital Waters
  • 12 New Intense Modules
  • Support for Establishment of Digital Agency or Freelancing setup over chat or call
  • One year Watsapp support for clearing doubts
  • Tools and links that support your business

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